Read & Play Kits

    • Children's Book - Each book is thoughtfully selected by the Memmy Co. team. We love books that tell a story and follow a sequence. We want the book to be engaging but also fun! All books can be tailored to your child's age.

    • Character and Story Props - Watch your child make the story come alive with the read and play props. Each kit includes a set of props that are specific to characters and theme of the book. We purposely pick a wide range of colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Each kit also includes pieces to help educate, such as numbers. 

    • Play Smarter Activity Card - This is the parent lifesaver! Our cards serve as a guide to make playing and interacting with your child easier. We do all the work for you! Each card includes concrete ways to approach the kit. It helps enhance your child's imagination  and contains questions you can ask to help further conversation. We challenge children of all ages to put their thinking caps on!
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